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Principles of Great Copywriting

The fundamentals of relevant and persuasive copywriting.

Digital Content Marketing Principles

Develop an effective and engaging digital content marketing programme.

Email Marketing Principles

A practical guide to getting the most from email campaigns using the latest techniques, tools and best practice.

Marketing Principles

The core fundamentals of marketing: concepts, models, practices and techniques.

Marketing Communications Principles

The core principles and different elements of the marcoms mix, including advertising, public relations and direct marketing.

Product Management Principles

The key elements and stages in building a product plan and roadmap: how to manage your product portfolio and resource allocation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Principles

How to plan SEO and PPC campaigns

Social Media Principles

Develop the skills to use social channels more effectively and increase customer engagement.

Digital Marketing Principles

How to plan and run effective digital communications campaigns using all the key digital channels.

Brand Marketing Principles

What makes a brand successful? We will focus on the brand audit, brand positioning and developing brand programmes.

Brand Identity

Manage and grow a powerful identity system that clarifies your brand’s strategy.

Project Management Principles

How to define a project plan, prioritise all the tasks and manage risks.


Develop your proofreading and copy-editing skills for both digital and print media.

B2B Digital Marketing Principles

How to plan and implement B2B digital marketing campaigns

B2B Marketing Principles

The core concepts and principles of B2B marketing.

Internal Communications

How to maximise your organisation's performance by setting up an effective internal communications system.

Marketing Metrics Principles

Identify the key metrics to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing activities

GDPR Principles

How to deliver lawful and ethical marketing programs

Marketing Planning Principles

A step-by-step guide through the marketing planning process.

Presentation Skills

How to become a confident, compelling and influential presenter



Managing The Brand

Best practice in brand management; from defining the brand to brand plan and marketing activation

Leadership Skills for New Managers

Discover the critical skills and confidence to become an effective leader.

Sponsorship Marketing

How to develop the right sponsorship proposition

Digital Marketing in Practice

The CIM complete guide to digital marketing best practice, techniques and tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics made simple.

Product Innovation (NPD)

New Product Development and the Innovation Process

Business Negotiation Skills

How to get the best results using a persuasive, but still collaborative, negotiation style

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How to maximise your SEO to increase Google SEO traffic and drive more customers

PPC Google Ads

How to plan and optimise your PPC Google Ads campaigns

Social Media Campaign Planning

The key steps to create an effective and actionable Social Media Marketing Plan.

Strategic Marketing

How to create a one-page Strategy Statement that identifies your strategic priorities and actions

Marketing Strategy in Practice

The CIM complete guide to creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

Brand Storytelling

Unleash the power of storytelling to help create distinctive, emotional and re-energised brands and communications.

Digital Copywriting for Social & Content

How to write digital content for social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

Develop the strategic vision, practical skills and confidence to create solid content-led programmes.

B2B Copy and Content Writing

How to develop an effective writing style for B2B

Digital Copywriting for Emails & Website Content

Create responsive and engaging email and website copy

Brand Experience

Create outstanding brand experiences through the evaluation of each touchpoint in the customer journey.

Agency Briefing and Management

Guidelines and practical tips on how agency management and briefing.

Event Marketing

Create a business case and strategy for using events more effectively

Copywriting for PR

How to write newsworthy press releases and engaging employee communications

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Planning

Develop a multi-channel approach to digital marketing campaign planning that optimises results.

Marketing for NFP and the Public Sector

How to apply marketing concepts and processes to organisations operating in the not-for-profit (NFP) and public sector

Public Relations: Effective PR Management

How to create the PR plan, appoint an agency, respond to press enquiries and evaluate success.

Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations

Create presentations that are more effective, compelling, insightful and actionable.

Managing Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are more cost-effective if they are integrated and properly managed.

Measuring Marketing Performance

Develop a more quantitative approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of your marketing plans and associated activities

Profitable Product Management

A career developing programme for product manager combining marketing, financial and people skills.

B2B Product Management

How to manage your product portfolio and construct a B2B product marketing plan

Powerful Value Propositions

How to construct value propositions that are focused on measurable customer outcomes/benefits

Marketing Law

How to develop and deliver compliant marketing and digital marketing campaigns

Market Research

How to design and manage market research projects

Behavioural Economics

Increase marketing effectiveness by changing behaviour.

How to Develop Your Key Accounts

Essential strategies for winning and growing key accounts

Sales and Business Development Skills

Build your pipeline with quality leads which convert into high paying clients

Sales in Practice

How to develop a successful career in sales

Managing the Sales Team

How to motivate and manage professional sales teams

Key Account Management

Maximise your key customer's potential through a strategic, relationship-based account management process.

B2B Social Media Campaign Planning

Use social channels more effectively in B2B to increase engagement and deliver better results.

The Strategic Marketing Masterclass

Delivering organisational success by putting the customer at the heart of planning.

Creative Brief

How to write more effective and inspiring creative briefs.

Leadership Skills in Marketing Capability and Competencies

Assess the marketing capabilities and competencies within your organisation.

Brand Performance & Analytics

Use metrics and KPI measures to better manage brand marketing resources, choices and investment plans.

Data & Marketing Analytics

How to use analytics to improve marketing effectiveness and maximise your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)

B2B Marketing Communications

Build effective B2B lead prospecting, sales generation and relationship building campaigns

International Marketing

How to create an export plan and international marketing plan



Strategic Brand Management

An inspirational and creative masterclass to help you plan, build and manage a successful brand strategy.

Project & Team Management

How to set-up, direct and tactically control marketing projects that produce results

Content Strategy

Create a Content Marketing Strategy that aligns with business goals and drives customer engagement

Copywriting Masterclass

How to write brilliantly effective copy, every day.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Develop a B2B marketing strategy to better acquire, engage and retain customers

Customer Experience Management

How to create a develop a customer experience strategy and how to align it with business strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Masterclass

How to develop your digital marketing strategy and implement advanced digital channel techniques

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

How to align your B2B digital marketing strategy with business and sales objectives

E-CRM Strategy and Implementation

Plan, build and execute an effective E-CRM programme

Social Media Strategy

Develop a social media game plan that positions you clearly, raises your profile, attracts the right audience, and delivers concrete results

Google Analytics Masterclass

How to get more powerful reporting from Google Analytics, Attribution and Tag Manager

Selling Masterclass

Advanced selling techniques to win more sales and build long-term profitable relationships

Implementing Strategy

How to effectively implement an organisation's strategy to deliver successful outcomes.

Using Insights to Drive Strategy

How to apply insights throughout the strategic planning process.

International Brand Strategy

How to develop a successful global brand strategy

Email Masterclass

Learn about developing an email strategy in an increasingly automated channel to maximise email ROI for your business

Strategic Leadership for Marketers

Understand the nature of effective strategic leadership and the relevance of a marketing perspective

Partnership & Channel Marketing Strategies

Build powerful channel & alliance partnerships to deliver new income streams.
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