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  • Why become a Chartered Marketer

    If you're looking to take your marketing career to the next level, becoming a Chartered Marketer is a fantastic way to do it! By achieving this title, you're joining a community of professionals who are dedicated and skilled. 

    Being a Chartered Marketer can help you discover new opportunities, plus, it's an impressive accomplishment that can help you climb the ranks in your career and achieve even greater success. Committing to continuous learning and development will show you're all about excellence and achievement.

    How to become a Chartered Marketer

    Route 1

    • Be a graded member
    • Complete two continuous years of CPD
    • Pass the Chartered Marketer Online Assessment

    Route 2

    • Be a graded member
    • Complete two continuous years of CPD

    Report: The Value of Chartership - The advantages and opportunities of being Chartered

    • 75% say Chartered status helped them stand out from others
    • 31% found being Chartered gave them an edge to win new business
    • 72% believe regularly upskilling is crucial to progress their career

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    Once you are Chartered

    As a Chartered Marketer, you will be:

    • Added to the Chartered Marketer Directory, unless you request otherwise
    • Issued with a Chartered Marketer certificate to recognise your achievement
    • Granted use of the Chartered Marketer logo* for your personal stationery and website
    • Able to use the designation “Chartered Marketer” or “CMktr” after your name.

    *To obtain a copy of the logo, please contact our Customer Experience team.

    Once Chartered, simply completing CPD every year can maintain your status and demonstrate unrivalled knowledge, skills, and commitment; all assets you can apply to meet the needs and objectives of your organisation. Looking forward you can secure new opportunities as you work your way through your career.


    • chm-carousel-headshots_barbara-coleman

      The breadth of experience and skills acquired during a career as a marketing professional, across marketing disciplines and the simple recording and reflection of them over time, as part of my CPD makes the process of achieving Chartered status a ‘no brainer’ really. Why wouldn’t you?
      Barbara Coleman, Engagement Officer, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    • chm-carousel-headshots_neil-lakeland

      Marketing is an ever-changing field. For me, it’s important I keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, tactics and thinking. Chartered Marketer status allows me to demonstrate this investment to both my existing and future employer.
      Neil Lakeland, Group Head of Marketing and Communications, Hadlow College

    • chm-carousel-headshots_andrew-robertson

      For me, Chartered Marketer status is the gold standard measure and recognition of a marketer’s ability, experience and qualification to practice. It is the marketing equivalent of other Chartered professions like accounting and engineering.
      Andrew Robertson, Marketing Consultant, Uska Rocks

    • chm-carousel-headshots_ben-read

      Chartered Marketer status helps give me credibility with customers and clients. I do quite a bit of work for people in other professional sectors and the ‘Chartered’ status crosses boundaries between industries.
      Ben Read, Freelance Marketing Consultant

    • chm-carousel-headshots_lydia-crossley

      I am proud to be a Chartered Marketer and be recognised with a professional accreditation that marks me out in the industry I love. Having CIM underline a marketer’s skills in such a competitive field makes being a Chartered Marketer a valuable attribute.
      Lydia Crossley, Marketing Manager

    • chm-carousel-headshots_stefano-pucello

      Being a Chartered Marketer shows not only commitment and passion for the profession but also a willingness to continuously develop. I truly believe these values are highly on demand from employers, fellow colleagues and clients.
      Stefano Pucello, Managing Director, SPC Ltd

    • chm-carousel-headshots_richard-hagan

      Chartered Marketer status is a reflection of how serious I am about my profession. It adds credibility to the conversations I have and my work, as clients take more notice of my viewpoint and the insight I’m able to provide.
      Richard Hagan, CEO, The Richard Hagan Design Consultancy

    For questions about Chartered Marketer
    Call +44 (0)1628 427120 
    Email cpd@cim.co.uk