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  • Do you have what it takes to stand out in Marketing?

    As the chartered body for marketing, we've developed a skills and behaviours-based framework that sets the industry standard. We've worked with business leaders, recruitment agencies, and marketing professionals globally to identify the critical skills, behaviours, and attributes of an outstanding marketer.

    This framework forms the foundation for a robust approach, defining what it takes to be a competent, proficient, and relevant marketer. It guides performance management, talent attraction, and showcases capabilities, providing an understanding of excellence and responsible marketing. 

    Every product and service offered by CIM is based on the GPMF, emphasising its pivotal role in developing the capabilities of the next generation of marketers.

    The building blocks

    Explore the key skills, capabilities and attributes expected from professional marketers.

    The pillars of marketing excellence

    By combining strategy and planning, capabilities, and responsible behaviours, you create powerful marketing activity to drive results.