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Designed to help you keep up to date with the hottest topics in the marketing industry, our member exclusive webinars provide you with the real-world knowledge to help you achieve your objectives and aid your career.

Hosted monthly by subject specialists, our webinars cover everything from digital marketing to the core skills you'll need to help your organisation or your development. Whether you are part of a team or a freelancer, we aim to give you the insights that help you become more knowledgeable, as well as providing a practical framework to make you adaptable to any situation.

All of our member exclusive webinars are CPD eligible, meaning that they can help you with your learning and development whilst helping you achieve, or retain, our prestigious Chartered Marketer status.

Though our webinars can only be accessed by our members, non-members can get a snapshot of what they are missing out on by listening to some samples below:

What members are saying about our webinars:

 Exceptional webinar. The best I have watched this year, and I watch a lot of webinars!!!

John Gregory, Strategy & Digital Communications Director, Opencity Inc

“Really helpful and touched on a lot of points that were relevant to my business. Thank you!” 

Bronwen Hex, Freelance Marketing Consultant

I think they work very well. Highly convenient and always useful. I learn something every time which secures the objective.

Tony Humphrey FCIM Chartered Marketer, Head of strategy and market development , Firstkind Ltd

Most attention grabbing webinar I have ever attended. Powerful!

Verity Woodbridge, Marketing Manager, Low Power Radio Solutions Ltd (LPRS Ltd).

All of our webinars are available on-demand via our content hub, if you aren’t able to attend the live webinar.

Did you know?

If you take any learnings from this activity that you can then implement in your day-to-day job role, this can be counted as CPD eligible. 

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