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    Are you ready to embark on your professional marketing journey? We're here to be your dedicated ally on the road to success! We aim to help you elevate your game and achieve your professional goals. But that's not all—we're also your creative hub, providing the latest industry insights to keep you informed and inspired. Our personalised strategies and mentorship programs are designed to help you dream big and realise your vision. And don't forget about our exclusive networking opportunities! They're the perfect way to expand your circle and connect with like-minded professionals. With CIM, your future marketing career starts now. Let's level up your skills, achieve your goals, and grow your network purposefully. Are you ready to take the first step towards success?

    Improve your capabilities

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      Free CIM online course worth up to £399

      Gain 90 days access to one of our online courses

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      Monthly webinars, exclusively for members, covering trending topics from subject matter experts, including a live Q&A session

    • membership-website-tile_marketingtemplates

      Marketing templates and practical guides

      Designed to support you with those everyday tasks

    • membership-website-tile_onlinejournals

      Online journals, magazines and company reports

      Consumer trends and market data are used throughout marketing strategies and plans

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      Member training discount

      Members receive a 15% discount on CIM virtual and online training courses.

    Stay informed and inspired

    • membership-website-tile_catalyst


      Our quarterly magazine, providing thought-provoking insight and knowledge from across the profession and the world

    • membership-website-tile_contenthub

      Digital content hub

      Keeping you up to date with the latest developments from across the industry

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      TOTUM PRO discount card

      Access massive discounts and deals on eating out and fashion, tech and travel, and everything in between

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      Ebook central

      An online library of over one hundred marketing books

    Achieve your professional goals

    • membership-website-tile_chartered

      Chartered Marketer

      Be recognised for your commitment to maintaining the highest standards of up-to-date marketing knowledge and expertise

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      CPD Programme

      Our CPD programme is focused on improving your capabilities to ensure that you remain current and effective as a marketing professional

    • membership-website-tile_digitalbadges

      Professional Recognition

      In an ever-expanding online marketplace, we understand that communicating your credentials can be a challenge

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      Designatory letters

      Highlight your experience by using our designatory letters after your name

    • membership-website-tile_mentoring

      Mentoring programme

      Taking that next step in your career or asking for guidance on a project can be daunting when you need extra support

    • membership-website-tile_mydevelopment


      Access to a personal development platform full of interactive tools and e-learning content

    Grow and increase your network

    • membership-website-tile_regional

      Regional networks

      Meet other marketers in your local area at our regional events

    • membership-website-tile_sector

      Sector Interest Groups

      Access to your local network, but you can also join a specialist group

    • membership-website-tile_networkingevents

      Networking events

      Events from topic conferences, which enable you to learn about emerging trends, to award ceremonies, recognising your marketing achievements

    • membership-website-tile_myfellow

      MyFellow Community

      A networking platform that allows Fellows to connect, converse and collaborate

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