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Polls apart: The ‘problem with polling’ and what it means for marketers

As the UK prepares for the next upcoming election, poll reporting naturally becomes a topic of discussion. Often seen as indicators of public opinion, polls can play a vital role in shaping public conversation and influencing electoral outcomes. However, these tools aren’t without their flaws. Criticisms of inaccuracies and biases are not unusual, with many experts pointing to the media’s portrayal of poll results as a core issue.

Founded in 1974, the Debating Group meets in Parliament six times per year to debate the biggest issues that surround the marketing industry. As a committee member of this organisation, CIM has contributed to numerous debates on wide range of topics from the impact of artificial intelligence to industry skills gap and sustainable marketing practices.

On March 26, 2024, this group met for a session chaired by MP Seema Malhotra. The central motion considered was whether 'the real problem with polling is the way it is reported.' This article explores the debate's insights: the sensationalism often found in media headlines, the common misinterpretation of polls as forecasts rather than momentary glimpses, and the significant exclusion of ethnic minorities in polling samples.

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Laura Bracher News analyst CIM
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