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Why brand stories are essential

In today's competitive and digitally driven marketplace, business success relies on building connections and trust with consumers, and that's where brand stories play a crucial role. 

Click here, watch this, subscribe now! The online world is an incredibly noisy, crowded place. 

Today, it's thought that the average consumer sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day, so it may be unsurprising to learn that many of us are searching for ways to reduce that figure. 3 in 5 people actively avoid advertising, whether that's through ad-blocking technology, changing their media habits, or paying for an ad-free service. 

Yet, in an attempt to counteract this and meet internal business pressures, many marketers simply resort to 'shouting louder', which often translates to churning out more soulless content with little or no consideration for any established business principles. Yet, doing so only adds to the problem, often harming a brand's image rather than improving it. 

Businesses can no longer afford to be these faceless entities. People want brands to speak with them, not at them, connecting on a much deeper level, hence why engagement marketing is on the rise. In fact, research has found that 81% of consumers view trust as a deciding factor in their purchase decisions. They're seeking an authentic relationship built on this and mutual respect, which is where brand stories play a crucial role. 

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