Despite these challenging times, we want to support you in the achievement of your next academic milestone. Whether you’ve just submitted your assignment or your exam has been deferred, it is important that you maintain the momentum to complete your qualification and gain the professional advantage many marketers need as we enter an uncertain business landscape.  

We’ve compiled a range of resources that we hope will be of use to you and we’ve also made changes on how you can complete your qualifications. Please stay in touch with your study centre for regular updates and be sure to read your Study Connect communications.

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September Bookings

Don't forget to book by 14 August, for the revised syllabus only, if your study centre isn't doing so on your behalf. You can find out more via MyCIM.


Study buddy

Our Study Buddy podcasts and webinar are now available to support your learning, developed in association with our study centre partners. You can listen now below.

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    Podcast Episode 1: Studying while furloughed

  • studybuddy_300x169_2

    Podcast Episode 2: How to maintain motivation at home

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    Podcast Episode 3: How to get ready for recovery

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    Webinar: Completing exams and assignments remotely

Getting started

If you’re interested in becoming CIM qualified but unsure where to start, discover more about our full suite of qualifications in the webinars below.

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    CIM Qualifications to launch your marketing career

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    Your next step towards becoming a marketing manager

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    The power of thinking to grow your career

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    Calling all marketing leaders of the future

Wondering how to fit a Professional Marketing Qualification into your busy schedule?

Find out why taking a bitesize approach to learning might be right for you with our flexible modular awards.

Flexible modular awards

Sign up to CPD and start your journey to Chartered Marketer

Previously, members needed to hold Fellow or Member grades to be eligible for Chartered Marketer status. Recent changes mean you can now become a Chartered Marketer as an Associate (ACIM) member by completing two years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CPD activities don’t have to be CIM specific; they can range from ‘on the job’ training, attending a networking event, listening to a webinar or even general reading. Any activity you do can be easily logged on the CPD platform via MyCIM or the CPD app.

Also, remember that all Exchange content, including blogs, webinars and podcasts, is CPD eligible, so you can maintain your learning even if you’re not at work. Visit MyCPD or use the app to keep track of your learning and development activities.

For more information, visit our dedicated Chartered Marketer and Continuing Professional Development pages.

Learner support

Your information hub

We’ll signpost you to a range of content, top tips and how to guides, which we hope will help you navigate through your studies.

We’d like your feedback on what you would like to see more of, so please let us know through @CIM_Exchange using #CIMstudysupport.

Online journals, magazines and company reports

Don’t forget we have a marketing library resource which offers you access to online journals, newspapers, magazines, company reports and publications from a variety of credible sources to give you valuable insight.

Visit MyCIM


Ideas and insights

Growing your market

Uber Eats were in an exclusive deal with McDonalds but JustEat are now on the scene. This recent article explores how this will affect the two delivery companies and how the expansion of its network will help McDonalds obtain a bigger slice of the home delivery service.

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Defending market share

Has consumerism finally ended? Are your customers considering the level of waste? Do they want to rent not buy? This article considers some solutions.

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Converting customers into ambassadors

Five strategies to enable companies to build stronger and genuine connections with their customers. These include listening, personalisation and real experiences.

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Retaining customer relationships

Retaining customers is crucial for companies. This article outlines a range of strategies, including definitions and statistics.

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Developing new products and services

In this article, learn from the inception of beauty brand Glossier and how it is continuing to develop into the future with e-commerce.

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Championing innovation

Discover a full list of the most innovative organisations in 2019, with company profiles.

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Knowledge services

These online resources and more are accessible remotely via MyCIM. You can also find downloadable Study Resource documents for each module. These guides are packed with helpful links to articles, journals, online books and websites, all relevant to the syllabus learning outcomes.

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    Updated on a daily basis, this powerful online reference system includes full text journals, magazines, newswires and reports covering all aspects relating to marketing and business.

  • cim-member-resource-emerald-publishing

    Access the full marketing eJournal collection with your CIM membership, including recently published titles on a range of marketing topics.

  • cim-member-resource-ebook-central

    For more titles, browse and share a wide range of marketing books, with many titles now available for ‘unlimited’ usage to allow multiple users to view publications.

  • cim-member-resource-catalyst

    Our quarterly publication is packed with exclusive content from business leaders on a wide range of contemporary challenges and topics, across key fields such as leadership, behavioural economics and sociology.

  • cim-member-resource-marketing-expert

    Discover practical guides, templates and frameworks for core marketing activities, alongside guidance on marketing legislation and a comprehensive glossary of key terms.

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