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    The CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional & Digital Marketing has been developed with extensive employer led-research to ensure its relevance in maximising your career progression opportunities.

    • Enhance your expertise: Be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills needed to excel as a marketing executive, a pivotal role in any marketing team.
    • Prepare for your next move: Build a strong foundation for progression - develop confidence and unlock career opportunities.
    • Apply practical skills: Acquire hands-on experience that you can use in real marketing jobs, making you an essential and effective professional in the workplace.

    Do I qualify? You’ll need one year’s plus experience in the industry or a relevant Level 3 qualification, CIM or equivalent. Alternatively, a Level 3 Apprenticeship such as the Digital Marketer, Multi-channel Marketer or Marketing Assistant would also be accepted. We'll consider other equivalent Marketing Apprenticeships.

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    How it works

    * The costs of studying a qualification will include the tuition fees of your chosen study centre and CIM assessment / membership fees.

    Choose your modules

    Select four modules (50 credits) for your Level 4 Certificate. You can now achieve an Extended Certificate by topping up with an additional module.


    20 credits


    Select one or two of these


    10 credits

    Planning integrated

    10 credits


    Select one or two


    10 credits

    Search Engine

    10 credits


    10 credits

    Social Media

    10 credits


    You're ready to go!

    It's time to find a study centre that offers your choice of modules.


    Note: you can now choose to extend your qualification by taking an additional module. Speak to your chosen study centre to find out more.

    Module details

    Marketing impact

    This is about the application of the full marketing mix in any given situation to maximise effectiveness. You will explore the evolving marketing environment, customer behaviour, market research and the marketing planning process.

    Module specification

    Planning integrated campaigns

    Creating integrated marketing campaigns across various channels, online and offline, measuring their effectiveness is a key focus for any marketing executive. An understanding of the rapidly changing marketing landscape and how content plays a crucial role in the customer lifecycle, is explored.

    Module specification

    Social media marketing

    Social media marketing activities underpin successful customer communications.  Understand how to apply a range of social media channels and produce effective content to enhance an organisation’s digital activities and produce an effective social media plan.

    Module specification

    Content marketing

    Content has a crucial role in delivering effective marketing campaigns. Develop an understanding of how to successfully create content to support marketing goals and how different content formats can be used within campaigns to support the customer journey. 

    Module specification

    Search engine optimisation

    Search engine optimisation is critical to supporting effective paid search campaigns to achieve marketing goals. Understand the importance of search engine marketing for organisations as part of their digital marketing activities and key success factors.

    Module specification


    The importance of Marketing technology, or ‘Martech’, including Artificial intelligence is essential to facilitate and execute marketing activities. Martech can be used across the customer journey to support paid campaigns, and social media activities to nurture long-term relationships. and successfully analyse web analytics outputs to create recommendations for the future.  

    Module specification

    Responsible marketing

    Marketing responsibly is a growing imperative as societal and environmental challenges grow with increasing scrutiny on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. Marketing faces a growing need to understand and ensure socially responsible practices.

    Module specification

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