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Our mentoring scheme is a flexible and open platform designed to match aspiring and developing professionals to the experience and knowledge of a mentor that suits them best. Exclusively available for Affiliate Professional and graded (ACIM, MCIM and FCIM) members.

We know marketers are busy by nature and that’s why our mentoring scheme is designed to work around you. Whether mentor or mentee, it’s your decision as to how you wish for your relationship to work. Search for a mentor in your region or offer your services as a mentor to the global marketing community through online or call based mentoring.

No single marketer is quite the same. Registering as a mentee will give you access to mentors who are experienced and specialised in every aspect of marketing.

It’s not just for junior marketers, either. Our mentors vary from management level through to CEOs and directors at the very peak of their careers. Guidance is available to experienced marketers through coaching on senior management subjects, whether you need advice on an upcoming campaign or are progressing towards a more senior management position.

Give back to the marketing world by helping shape the career and future of others. You’ll receive recognition as an expert in your field and develop your personal leadership and coaching skills. It’s also a fantastic way to expose yourself to fresh perspectives and ideas.

To become a CIM mentor you must hold either Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM) graded membership. Find out more about the grades of membership.

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As a CIM member, the mentoring platform is available to access through MyCIM when logged in.

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Did you know?

If you take any learnings from this activity that you can then implement in your day-to-day job role, this can be counted as CPD eligible. 

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