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  • Release: CIM moves to professionalise marketing’s use of smart AI with a comprehensive suite of new courses


    CIM moves to professionalise marketing’s use of smart AI with a comprehensive suite of new courses

    By Bryndley Walker, PR Executive

    • Exciting new suite of AI (Artificial Intelligence) courses aimed at equipping marketers with the skills necessary to leverage the benefits of AI
    • Five new courses cover all aspects of AI including: Copywriting, AI Programmatic Advertising, AI Customer Insights, AI Enabled Content Production and AI Customer Journey Optimisation
    • Parliamentary debate held on Wednesday 24 May to discuss the impact and ethics of AI

    20 June 2023: The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) today announces a suite of five new courses aimed at bringing marketers up to speed with the latest innovative AI marketing software, allowing them to effectively incorporate these exciting tools into their roles and boost performance.

    In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it is essential for professional marketers to not only stay on top of technological advancements but also harness them in ways that are both impactful and ethical. Luckily, the new cutting-edge suite of intermediate-level courses from CIM is here to empower marketing professionals, content producers, copywriters, business owners, and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to master the art of leveraging the latest AI marketing tools, including:

    1. AI For Copywriting how to use AI copywriting tools to develop new and innovative ways to create content.
    2. AI Programmatic Advertisinghow to optimise your programmatic advertising strategy and set up effective campaigns.
    3. AI to Develop Customer Insightshow to use AI tools to build propensity models to predict customer actions, churn, and value.
    4. AI Enabled Content Productionhow to use AI tools to generate text, images, animations, and videos.
    5. AI Customer Journey Optimisationhow to use AI tools to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers.

    James Sutton, Strategy and Commercial Director, CIM said:The shift from specialised tools to generative AI has created a huge amount of attention within the marketing profession around the impact of the technology for future success.”

    “There is no doubt the adoption of AI tools will significantly impact the profession, the roles within it and how we engage with our customers. AI is moving at an incredible pace, raising questions around regulation, standards, ethical considerations and job security.”

    “As marketers, we must adapt and understand what AI means to our organisations, our capability and our customers. Developing the relevant skills, adapting quickly and approaching new technologies with integrity and professionalism will be essential to ensure we leverage the positives brought by AI.”

    Parliamentary debate

    CIM hosted a debate on 24 May in the House of Commons with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Debating Group to examine the potential impact of AI on the marketing profession. Senior figures from across the marketing sector, CIM’s executives and CIM members came together to debate the challenges posed by AI and voted that ‘a lack of upskilling and professionalism is more dangerous to marketers than AI’. Advice for marketers following the debate will be available on the CIM Content hub. A full report from the debate is available below.

    Vincent Sider, CIM AI Course Director and Digital Strategist commented: “Whether it is the Pope in a puffer jacket, Grimes sharing 50% royalties with anyone creating a song with her voice, or a next-gen Spotify listening experience led by a deep fake version of the Weeknd, we’re already deep into ‘uncanny valley’ when it comes to generative AI. Beyond the novelty value there are deep questions to be answered as to how marketing roles and skills adapt to make the most of these exciting new tools, as well as ethical quandaries to be navigated in how we measure and reward content creators in this brave new world.”

    The dynamic new courses are designed for marketing professionals looking to use the latest smart AI marketing tools to boost their efficiency and effectiveness (no coding skills are required). The five courses are now available and are offered as one-day virtual workshops. They can also be delivered on-site for corporate teams and can be tailored to requirements.

    For more information on CIM’s new suite of AI courses visit CIM's Training course page for AI

    You can read the full report from CIM’s parliamentary debate here: The Debating Group May AI Debate.



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    The Suite of AI courses includes:

    • AI For Copywriting
    • AI Programmatic Advertising
    • AI To Develop Customer Insights
    • AI Enabled Content Production
    • AI Customer Journey Optimisation


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