CIM Kenya was launched in Nairobi in September 1998 to aid marketers to elevate themselves in their professional careers while creating value and fostering excellence in Kenya's business landscape by harnessing marketing knowledge and building world class competencies.

Study Centres


The new CIM Kenya community structure

A new model to maximise engagement of the community for the benefit of the community.


  • The Branch is led by the Governance Board comprising of a chairman and three vice chairmen and is elected by members during Annual General Meetings. The members participate in the management of CIM through the Governance Board with guidance from CIM's head office, United Kingdom.
  • They are responsible for ensuring the Branch fulfil its mission for current and future members.
  • They are committed to ensuring expert marketing knowledge and skills are imparted to marketers and maintain excellent marketer professionalism and performance.
  • The Governance Board is assisted by a Community Board made up of different “Ambassadors” responsible for different work groups.
  • The Ambassadors can also recruit specific Project Teams to assist them in their various assignments.

The Secretariat

They are involved in the day-to-day running of the branch and is headed by the General Manager.

The Board

  • cim-kenya-mary-chege

    Mary Chege

    Deputy Chairman

  • cim-kenya-charles-arson-avutia

    Charles Arson Avutia


Roll of Honour


Chairman - James Ngomeli
Vice Chairman - Muthuuri Eric Murerwa
Hon. Secretary - Jacquie Muhati
Hon. Tresurer - Timothy Oriedo
Sub-Committee - Training Michael Owigar
Sub-Committee Marketing - Mary Chege
Sub-Commitee Special Events - Lydia Marege


Chairman - David Wambua
Vice Chairman - Thrity Engineer
Hon. Secretary - Edna Kimurwa
Hon. Tresurer - Timothy Oriedo
Sub-Committee - Training Michael Owigar
Sub-Committee Marketing - Jacquie Muhati
Sub-Commitee Special Events - Muthuuri Eric Murerwa


Chairman - Andrew Mutuma
Vice Chairman - David Ithau
Hon. Secretary - Jael Amara
Hon. Secretary - Nyawira Njeru
Hon. Treasurer - Timothy Oriedo
Sub-Committee Education & Training - Michael Owigar
Sub-Committee Education & Training - Sandra A.Alai
Sub-Committee Education & Training - Ruben Mwangi
Sub-Committee Membership & PR - Julius Wanyoike
Sub-Committee Membership & PR - Timothy Waweru
Sub-Committee Membership & PR - Irene Malonza
Sub-Committee Special Events - Nduta Waweru
Sub-Committee Special Events - Eric Muthuuri
Sub-Committee Special Events - Margaret W. Gitau


Chairman - James Ngomeli
Vice Chairman - Muthoga Ngera
Hon. Secretary - Anne Mbogori
Hon. Treasurer - David Ithau
Sub-Committee Member - Jael Amara
Sub-Committee Member - Deepa Shah
Sub-Committee Member - Esther Macharia
Sub-Committee Member - Julius Wanyoike
Sub-Committee Member - Margie Gitau
Sub-Committee Member - Jennifer Mwangangi


Chairman - Andrew Mutuma
Vice Chairman - James Ngomeli
Hon. Secretary - David Ithau
Hon. Treasurer - Joy Tirok
Sub-Committee Member - Jael Amara
Sub-Committee Member - Lillian Hurst
Sub-Committee Member - Ruben Mwangi
Sub-Committee Member - Julius Wanyoike
Sub-Committee Member - Lillian Ambaka
Sub-Committee Member - Bob Asiyo
Sub-Committee Member - Joseph Ochola
Sub-Committee Member - Agatha Juma
Sub-Committee Member - Maureen Muthua
Sub-Committee Member - Muthoga Ngera


Chairman - Grace Ngugi
1st Vice Chairman - Nick Maina
2nd Vice Chairman - Fatima Alimohamed
Hon. Secretary - Milton Otuoma
Hon. Treasurer - Robert Nyasimi
Branch Councillor - James Ngomeli
Membership Officer - Joseph Okello
PR Officer - Anne Mbogori
Students Liaison Officer - Michael Anyuru
Standards & Ethics Officer - Zachary Macharia


CIM Kenya's training and consultancy wing was set up in 2007 and has grown over the years to become one of the leading training and consultancy providers in the region where we have a strong and loyal client base.

In addition, we have joined CIM’s global reseller network and will be offering CIM global Top 20 Advanced and Masterclass Open Courses in Nairobi focusing on corporate training, research, consultancy and recruitment. From Digital Marketing to Brand Management; we offer more than 120 marketing, Sales and business courses to help you develop the latest skills and thinking – from the beginner’s level to those in the boardroom.

All our training courses can be tailored and delivered to a team of people within your organisation. We can tailor the content to make it more relevant or we can develop an entirely new program to suit your needs.

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