June 11, 2019

10:00 AM - Hatfield

Marketing fraudulently claims to be the main creator of value for the benefit of Business, Society and the Profession. Guilty or not-guilty?

You are invited to take part in this intriguing courtroom drama (it is being played out in a real courtroom at the Law School in Hatfield). We will put Marketing (the accused) in the dock, Counsel will examine and cross-examine expert witnesses and Judge and Jury (you) will decide the outcome.

You will also be invited to contribute questions for cross-examination in real time, during the trial, using #marketingontrial.

Why put Marketing on Trial? It’s because we believe the role of Marketing is under threat and there needs to be a Big Conversation about its true value - emerging perceptions are that:

• our professional influence inside business and organisations is waning
• other functions and professions are doing ‘marketing work’
• marketing professionals are, more than ever, becoming increasingly irrelevant in strategic decision making – marketing is becoming the colouring-in-department
• marketers are becoming more tactically focussed than ever before – as evidenced by the fragmentation of job roles, particularly in the digital marketing function

In essence, marketing and marketing professionals are culpable in allowing these ‘crimes’ to be committed.

As part of CIM’s Big Conversation on the value of marketing, CIM East of England, Greater London and the Levitt Group have joined forces to put Marketing in the dock to defend the charge put before it.

The Charge. Marketing has fraudulently [or negligently] misrepresented its value to Business, Society and the Profession on two counts:

a) marketing has failed to demonstrate to business how it creates value for customers and shareholders of the business
b) marketing has failed to provide practicing and aspiring practitioners the skills they need to create
value for customers and shareholders of the business

The trial will take place in a real courtroom in the Law School at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield (as featured in many TV courtroom dramas).

The Proceedings.
10:00 Audience registration
10:30 The charges
10:35 Presentation of cases for prosecution and defence
12:45 Closing speeches
13:00 Deliberations over buffet lunch
13:45 Jury and Public Verdicts
14:20 Sentencing
14:30 Close

The trial will be presided over by a Judge (not a real Judge; it’s not a real trial) – the main players will be:

Judge - Clare Kemsley, UK&I Managing Director, Marketing, at Hays.

Counsel for the Prosecution - Peter Young ex. Country Manager P&G, Marketing Director H&R Johnson Tiles, Group Marketing Director Silentnight, Marketing Director Cinzano SA, Director Marketing & Sales BP - Dismark.

Counsel for the Defence - Terry Nicklin FCIM, Director at Keynote PR, Course Director Cambridge Marketing College, Board Member CIM East of England region.

Expert WitnessesKeith Rowland, FCIM, Director Medical Marketing Centre; Phil Sanday, Marketing Director at RBC Investor & Treasury Services; Andrew Binns, Director, Havas Lynx; and Gemma Butler, MCIM. Marketing Director, The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Jury - The audience.

The accused will plead ‘Not-guilty’, but if found to be culpable Marketing would be sentenced to reflect on what needs to be done to achieve a successful rehabilitation into Business and Society.

Spaces in the public gallery are limited so you are advised to book without delay.

CPD category: Insights
Duration: 2.5 hours

Registration and networking is from 10:00; the event starts at 10:30 and finishes at 14:30. If you are non-EU resident, please contact the Regional Events team to make your booking.

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Law School
University Of Hertfordshire
De Havilland Campus
AL10 9EU
United Kingdom

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