April 27, 2023

9:30 AM - Cardiff

Whether you're a marketing manager, an executive looking to take the next step in your career, or a director managing a team of employees, this CIM masterclass will provide an valuable overview of strategic marketing.

The great range of speakers will cover topics including; how to create a robust marketing strategy, the importance of branding, product marketing and how to avoid a product flop, the role of data within marketing strategy, the importance of sustainability to marketers, how to keep the plan flexible and dynamic, and how to ensure marketing gets heard in the boardroom.

Our prestigious mix of speakers will provide insights from their own experience while giving you practical tips you can apply to both your professional development and work. 

Speakers include: 

Georgina Lewindon – Marketing Strategist and Owner of Glew Marketing
Roger Pride – Associate Partner at Heavenly and Founder of Pride Marketing
Andy Mudie – Head of Marketing at Etex
Sameer Rahman – CEO & Founder at DataMonet
Laura Aherne – Managing Director at Millrace Marketing
Carl Mather – Lecturer in Marketing and Business at Bangor University
Robert Lloyd Griffiths – Director, Wales at ICAEW

Session one
Fully baked: Creating a marketing strategy that holds - Georgina Lewindon
Making your marketing strategy a success is an art that requires a combination of science, creativity and experience. This session will explore the ingredients needed to develop a solid foundation for your marketing strategy, the critical steps to take to prevent it collapsing, and effective ways to package and present it to secure buy-in.

Session two
Making your brand, your beacon - Roger Pride
Roger will examine the characteristics of successful brands and the role of brands in an impatient digital world. He will suggest tests for effective branding and will offer examples from his own projects and beyond. He will emphasise the need for brands to live at the heart of organisations and not just within the marketing team.

Session three
How to avoid a product flop: Practical Product Strategy Tips - Andy Mudie
Product Strategy is a well-documented area for MBA students and academics alike, yet in the real world many products sell amazingly, others less so, and some just flop. But why? Was it a bad idea? Was it too far from the portfolio and brand? This session is a practical guide on how to start a product strategy, looking at developing and launching new products and things to be aware of along the way.

Session four
The magic and logic of marketing - Sameer Rahman
Creativity is the superpower, but data is the compass. The session will show how data must act as a spark that ignites creative execution to ensure marketers can best capture customers’ imagination. It will educate marketers on clever ways of leveraging data for creativity to massively improve marketing ROI.

Session five
Sustainability in strategy - Laura Aherne
Sustainability is becoming a day-to-day focus for people and organisations all over the world. In fact, ethical and sustainability issues are a key factor for almost a third of consumers, who claim this is a key driver in their buying decisions. To meet consumer needs, organisations are striving to incorporate sustainability within their functions, and marketing sustainably is no exception. In this session, explore how to incorporate sustainability into your marketing strategy.

Session six
Avoiding SPLOTS: Ensuring your shiny plan is not left on the shelf – Integrating marketing principles into your delivery - Carl Mather
One of the risks associated with marketing strategy is that the plan reflects a moment in time whereas an effective strategy must be dynamic and flexible. Four marketing principles can be integrated into delivery to constantly assure us that we can deal with a fast-changing environment.

Session seven
How to get marketing heard in the boardroom – a fireside chat with Robert Lloyd Griffiths
How important is it for marketing to have a presence in the boardroom? How can we achieve it? And how can we bring the vital voice of our consumers to the board? One of the most respected and well-connected leaders in the Welsh business community will share his experiences and insights on the changing role of marketing at board level.

CPD category: Strategy
CPD duration: 5 hours

Registration is from 09:30, the event starts at 10:00 and finishes at 16:30. Lunch will be provided so if you have any dietary requirements please let us know by contacting the CIM Events team.

CIM members and non-members are welcome, so book now to secure your place.

The event is kindly sponsored by Illustrate Digital.

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