Member Exclusive: Inspiration for your digital copywriting Exchange_Lock

Member Exclusive: Inspiration for your digital copywriting

  • Broadcast: Wednesday 10 November 2021
  • Phil Woodford

The crowded digital environment is a familiar challenge for businesses today, with cut-through communications being ever more difficult to craft as a result. However, by internalising some proven copywriting tools, you can ensure your brand story is able to engage, effect and influence the customer of tomorrow.

Watch this webinar on demand where course director Phil Woodford will share how to implement strong copywriting techniques that can take your communications to the next level.

Catch up and you’ll learn:

  • Best practice for copywriting in the digital world
  • The opportunities and challenges that copywriting presents
  • How the demands of different channels and platforms present themselves.


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About the Speaker

Phil Woodford
Phil Woodford Freelance copywriter and masterclass director, CIM

Phil Woodford is a freelance copywriter and former advertising creative director, who delivers CIM’s Digital Copywriting Masterclass and a range of other courses. He holds a Master’s degree in Occupational and Business Psychology and lectures at business schools owned by the French group OMNES Education, as well as University of the Arts London. 

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