Richard Gillingwater

Richard is the founder of RADNB ( a competitive brand mapping tool and database that helps marketers, designers and brand strategists tune into, identify and express 60 archetypal feeling tones within a brand's communication. RADNB is a unique database that provides game changing insights into how brands truly use archetypes to differentiate and tell their story.

His research with Imperial College London shows how strong brands are not a single personality but are a blend of multiple archetypal needs and feelings. Often using different blends at different stages of the user experience. Making a brand feel more dynamic, interesting, human, engaging, authentic and relevant to people’s own needs and stories.

His passion is to build a global community of experts trained in recognising how communication triggers our thoughts, emotions and actions. So, they can make their design and what their brand says more effective at influencing behaviour.

Trained as a graphic designer and qualified in marketing. Richard has aligned to his love of behavioural science with his training in mindfulness throughout his career as head of strategy at several creative brand agencies. Today Richard heads up his own agency Emotional Branding ( and lectures across Europe on how brands can use emotions, narrative, archetypes and visual design language more effectively.