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Our weekly digest of marketing-related news will keep you up to the mark on everything from FMCG to brand strategy, loyalty programmes to fashion marketing.

  • Creating effective lead magnets

    A lead magnet is one of the best ways of generating new leads. The more leads you have, the bigger your email list, so that you can increase sales and profit potential. Lead magnets can be displayed in a number of ways on the website and represent the top-of-funnel marketing strategy. Here are four qualities that make a good lead magnet; six steps to creating a highly effective lead magnet; and five lead magnet ideas for any kind of business., 4 November 2020 (Parkes)

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  • The radical marketing organisation

    “The traditional B2B marketing function has been dead for a while”, argues the author. Customer behaviours and preferences have changed over the past decade, digital has become more prevalent and the importance of customer experience as a differentiator has become clear. “The Radical Marketing Organisation” is the answer for many of the skill-gap problems facing B2B firms. It provides a framework for creating a more relevant and effective marketing function and to help organisations to retain talent., 7 October 2020 (Sawhney)

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  • TikTok moves into e-commerce

    TikTok is entering the e-commerce arena for the first time following a deal with Shopify which allows consumers to buy directly from vendors on its platform. The service, which launches next year, will allow over one million merchants to run campaigns on TikTok. They will be encouraged to create native, shareable ads as well as being able to target audiences and track their performance via the platform., 29 October 2020

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  • New guidelines for Covid-19 depiction in ads

    The ASA has published three new guiding principles which it will use to assess advertising that shows behaviours “which go against current government and scientific rules and guidelines that are aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 through the population”. This follows complaints from consumers about ads that contradict Government rules on social distancing, or the use of PPS, such as showing crowds of people in close proximity. Businesses should be aware of complying with the wider CAP Code as well as the ASA’s focus on depicting protective measures in ads., 12 October 2020 (Schippers)

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  • Fans put off shirts with gambling logos

    A new survey reveals that a third of football fans in the UK would be put off buying their club’s shirt if it has a betting sponsor; while nearly half say they would support a ban on shirts showing gambling logos. Despite efforts to limit the gambling industry’s involvement in football sponsorship, 26 out of the 44 teams in England’s top two divisions have a gambling brand as a front-of-shirt sponsor. Premier League clubs Aston Villa and Everton saw a significant rise (60% and 50% respectively) in shirt sales after they stopped using betting brands as their main partners., 12 October 2020 (Dixon)

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  • How marketing leaders responded to Covid-19

    One of the hardest jobs in marketing is to attract the attention of your audience and the best way to do this is to use a marketing “hook”. A hook is defined as an aspect of content and advertising that grabs people’s attention. This should not be confused with the unique selling points (USPs) of a product or service. Every business, even an established one, needs a hook for any piece of content or promotion. In order to compete effectively, a marketing hook needs to follow at least one of these rules: be different; have a polarising message; reject conformity; be authentic. Here are three techniques to help you develop an “attention-grabbing” hook., 25 September 2020 (Barney)

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