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Introduction to Behavioural Economics

How to gain a new understanding of human behaviour and how to change it.

Sponsorship Essentials

Buying, selling and measuring it with confidence.

Fundamentals of Product Management

Introducing the tools, skills and processes you need to maximise your performance as a product manager.

Brand Performance

Make the intangible tangible

Google Analytics

Google Analytics made simple.

Introduction to Marketing Metrics and ROI

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it - it's as simple as that!

Internal Communications

How to maximise your organisation's performance by setting up an effective internal communications system.

Managing Projects and People

Gain the skills and confidence to manage people and projects to expectations

Marketing Metrics: Measuring Marketing Performance

A more professional, accountable and scientific approach to your marketing.

Product Management - Business to Business

In the B2B environment, product management theory is not enough - practical application is essential.

Fundamentals of Marketing

Delivering value through marketing to drive business success

Introduction to New Product Development

A clear NPD process that leads to effective innovation and market success

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